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So, I was working on a build so I could make digital instructions for it, so today I open this page(I left it open after my last work period) and everything disappeared. Now this is not the first time this has happened, the first time I shrugged it off, but now I am beyond pissed, it took me hours to get through what I did, and it all disappeared. I'd like to know if there is a way to recover this, and why this happened.
9 Mar 2018, 00:27
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Mecabricks has been around for years and I did not hear about anything like that. I am not saying that you are lying, simply that there may be another explanation for your issue.

Like for any software you shall regularly save your work. This is the basic. This will prevent from loosing too much time in the event of an issue. Furthermore, Mecabricks retains all version of your work so you can go backward in case you have an issue further down the line.
Mecabricks also provides a "recover autosave" version. If your browser crashes, this feature located in the File menu will recover the model before the crash. This is only available when you first re-open the workshop. If you reload it multiple time it is of course lost. I am not a wizard.
9 Mar 2018, 03:38
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