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This topic is for users making decorations to list your current decorations in progress(sets, parts and minifigs etc.) to avoid multiple users working on the same decorations.
16 Feb 2018, 20:36
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Making requested Unikitty parts.
16 Feb 2018, 20:53
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Finishing Black Panther minifigs and stickers for sets
18 Feb 2018, 14:09
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60164 - Stickers and minifigs. - completed
25 Feb 2018, 13:59
Edited 27 Aug 2019, 17:04
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70921 - Crazy Quilt minifig and stickers (also prints)
25 Feb 2018, 23:34
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42096 Porche 911 RSR
42093 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
60234 - People Pack - Fun Fair
24 Jun 2019, 11:54
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70419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat - W.I.P. (waiting for missing parts)
70420 Graveyard Mystery - completed
70404 King's Castle - W.I.P, (waiting for missing parts)
27 Aug 2019, 15:32
Edited 28 Feb 2020, 21:48
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Wip 71044
27 Aug 2019, 16:23
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(I just noticed this topic dedicated for the decoration maps...

I have a question. I am currently working on the maps for the set "76897 - 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1" and I would like to start to add these maps to the part library. However, I noticed that the inventory for these set has not (yet) been made on Bricklink. Is there another website where I could find the names for the decorated parts ?
7 Jan 2020, 16:44
Edited 7 Jan 2020, 16:47
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Bricklink names and references are for information purposes only in Mecabricks. If not available yet, it is simply ignored. English and French names are based on the official LEGO version which is available in Brickset or directly on the LEGO website. If you are unsure, just ask me and I‘ll guide you.

If it is a typo with Bricklink and you meant that some parts are not yet in the brickset inventory, it is likely that it hasn’t been published yet by Lego. You can try directly on LEGO.com. I have another Korean database that often has stuff earlier but I don’t remember the name. I’ll get it when I am back.
7 Jan 2020, 17:17
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@Scrubs, I noticed that Helo's stickers for the Speed Champions Audi were no longer raised like a real sticker, but applied to the digital part the same way a print would. Is this intentional? I seem to remember that stickers were raised?
8 Jan 2020, 17:00
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@Stephan3221, on all the parts ? I'm gonna to check. Maybe I forgot some bump maps...

Edit: Everything seems ok for me. Bumps are here. There are just some modifications I need to made on some stickers and add the missing ones.
8 Jan 2020, 19:01
Edited 8 Jan 2020, 19:06
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@Stephan3321 Just tried a few and it was ok in normal and dev workshops. Do you have a reference in particular that you don't see displayed properly?
8 Jan 2020, 20:02
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Examples can be seen here:
and here:

They look raised, but actually they are not. From my memory there were actual "bump maps" (for the lack of a better name). Now they just seems the be graphically raised by a shadow around the border?
8 Jan 2020, 21:24
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No, it has always been like this

They are not real displacement (not based on real geometry) but bump maps. When you look at them from a very low angle like on your images, the trick cannot work anymore and it looks all flat.

It also depends on the lighting that you use. A very uniform lighting will make everything looks flatter, however something more contrasted will increase the visibility of the shapes.
8 Jan 2020, 21:29
Edited 9 Jan 2020, 00:24
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Aah, then my memory failed me

Thanks! @Helo, everything appears to be fine. Thanks for the stickers, the car's looking even more awesome right now.
8 Jan 2020, 21:46
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Almost done with the set "76897 - 1985 Audi Sport Quattro S1". Printed parts and minifig torso still missing. I'm looking for a top view for the "Plate 4X6X2/3". Has someone an image ?

Already started the maps for the set "76896 - Nissan GT-R NISMO".
10 Jan 2020, 15:46
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Starting with stickers for lamborgini if Helo don’t mind)
12 Jan 2020, 12:57
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@Stas, no problem!
12 Jan 2020, 18:50
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70427: Welcome to the Hidden Side - completed
70428: Jack's Beach Buggy - completed
70422: Shrimp Shack Attack - completed
23 Jan 2020, 17:43
Edited 28 Feb 2020, 21:47
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