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Hi! I have been having a difficult time saving my project. My partner and I need help saving it and we just do not want to lose our project.
14 Feb 2018, 14:21
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Just do file>save as in the workshop.
You will need a mecabricks account.
14 Feb 2018, 18:47
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it says incorrect parameters when i do, i dont know why
27 May 2019, 07:55
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Make sure that you clear your browser cache to have the latest version of the application. I updated the way files are handles and stored on the server.
27 May 2019, 11:46
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When we save it, are we able to edit it again?
8 Apr 2020, 08:13
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Of course like any other software.
8 Apr 2020, 09:40
Edited 8 Apr 2020, 09:40
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How do i find my saved project
11 Sep 2020, 18:27
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I accidentally pressed save settings instead of save project how do i get my build back it took forever and will be impossible to remake
12 Sep 2020, 10:24
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congratulations, you can't, it happened to me also
13 Sep 2020, 14:45
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Please help me , I don't know why but I can't seem to save my renderings, I upload them on the library but when I go back to them they have disappeared. Do you think it could be that I haven't saved them properly? Thanks for your help!
20 Sep 2020, 17:36
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@TheLegoPanda You are not posting in the correct thread. Please do not repost images that have been deleted by admins. Read the rules: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/1681
20 Sep 2020, 21:17
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21 Sep 2020, 06:21
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I'm so confused.
21 Sep 2020, 06:29
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@TheLegoPanda, please use the edit function to not spam the forum with one word/sentence posts.

You may find some answers to your deleted renders in this thread: https://www.mecabricks.com/en/forum/topic/2566/1
22 Sep 2020, 05:06
Edited 22 Sep 2020, 05:06
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