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I got here by a tip of UmbraManis and he was totally right. This is awesome.

If only we could import LDD files...
Anyways great job Scrubs!

I've been seeking for ages to find a solution how to make good renders on a Mac!

Btw is there a option to apply no background for the model so you can insert it in every picture you want?
16 Jul 2015, 10:12
Edited 16 Jul 2015, 10:16
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There is a way, saabfan!
Simply left-click the little triangle next to the "ground", just like you would when selecting the bricks. In the 3-D view, the ground will be selected. Then, delete. Now, if you render, it will only render the model. It makes the rendering process go so much faster! I used this function to render some of my latest Neo-Classic space MOC's.
16 Jul 2015, 17:41
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Thanks a lot Ru Montag!

I'll definitely try it.
16 Jul 2015, 18:32
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Please download last version of the template (1.03). I updated the colour value of Light Nougat to something more accurate to real parts.
18 Jul 2015, 00:19
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Hey! Thanks for your incredible script. Real quick, can you break down what exactly the script is doing upon import? Didn't see it described above or in your video. Is it affecting the mesh at all (setting all shading to smooth, for example) or is it just applying some material node setups to existing materials imported through the workshop? We're looking to build some custom versions of the materials since we primarily use GPU and your material node requirements in the Experimental feature set for GPU severely increase the render time. But if your script is doing more than just replacing materials, we're curious to see what exactly it's doing so we might be able to apply the changes ourselves before linking to our new material set.

Thanks so much for all you do, Mecabricks is incredible! And your Blender workflow is a huge nod to the open source community.
25 Aug 2015, 19:50
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Thanks for you message!

If you want to know exactly what it does or how it works, have a look at the comments in the file replace.py. It is pretty straight forward though. In short, it replaces and set the materials up (colours, decorations and scale) and applies a smooth shading.

It is currently not GPU friendly because of the round edges shader that is coded in OSL. Unfortunately, this shader makes a real difference to the final result and therefore it is hard not to use it
If you un-tick the Open Shading Language checkbox, it shall switch back to GPU - from memory, the rest of it is GPU friendly (SSS works on GPU now).

Looking forward to see you result!
26 Aug 2015, 06:24
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It seems that the template link is not working correctly. Is it just me?
21 Sep 2015, 18:46
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Nevermind, it's working. When I render my model everything is pink though, even when I ran the script.
21 Sep 2015, 19:26
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Oups, you are right, There is something wrong with the link to download the last version. I'll correct that tonight.
If your render is pink it is because you did not open a HDR image to light the scene. In addition to the video tutorial you can have a look at this post.
21 Sep 2015, 20:17
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OK, I got it. Thanks
22 Sep 2015, 02:26
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For some reason, when I use a model that someone else made in Mecabricks, I can render it and it looks great. But when I try to render something that I made, and I click "Run Script", I get an error saying "Python script fail, look in the console for now...". What does this mean?
25 Nov 2015, 04:48
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My script only work with models exported from mecabricks. It doesn't work with your own objects that you designed in Blender.

Let me know if I did not answer properly to your question
25 Nov 2015, 06:59
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I actually meant something that I made in Mecabricks. But it might just be a coincidence, because right now I am rendering someone else's model where I just changed the colors.
25 Nov 2015, 21:41
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I'm not too sure then. There is no difference between your model or someone else model. Did you tried again with one of yours?
Did you make sure that it was exported in Collada? It might be a part that is the issue. Let me know if you find out more about it.
25 Nov 2015, 21:48
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I tried again with my piano one and it still didn't work. I exported it as Collada and did "Group by geometry". But just now I made a simple minifigure on Mecabricks and I didn't get the error. Is it possible I did something wrong when I was building the model?
25 Nov 2015, 22:19
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I'll try to export it and see where the error is coming from.
25 Nov 2015, 23:05
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I just tried to export and render your piano and I didn't get any errors...
Can you tell me which version of Blender / template you use and on which operating system?
25 Nov 2015, 23:33
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I'm on Blender 2.75 and Windows 7 Professional, using the Mecabricks to Blender Template, if that's what you mean. But I don't think you need to worry about it. I built a couch and imported the piano and exported that as a Collada, and I'm able to render that. I don't know. Maybe I did one of the steps wrong, though I've tried it quite a few times.
25 Nov 2015, 23:37
Edited 25 Nov 2015, 23:52
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Not too sure. It will remain a mystery
26 Nov 2015, 01:02
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For some odd reason, I am not getting transparent textures on my bricks after rendering and using the script. Am i forgetting something? I used the exr file, and everything looks right including the version of Blender.
26 Nov 2015, 02:37
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