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I've been wanting to render the interior of a boxcar I built recently, but I don't know what technique or lighting format to use to do so. Every render I've done is either too dark because of the boxcar's inner walls, or two bright because of the positioning of the light. Please help me ASAP. Thank you in advance. Regards, Joseph cheeseinthepie. 8/3/2021
4 Aug 2021, 00:20
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Hi Joe, you can turn down the power of the light in the boxcar if it's too bright. You may also want to try using an area light. This would allow you to build a flat panel light in a rectangular or circular shape. You could put it on the ceiling pointing down or on the front wall facing back. Don't forget you can change the light color as well. Finally, you can also add light with transparent bricks. Add the bricks into the model and then you can change the emissivity for the transparent color in the 3D Render mode. If you need help with either technique, let me know.
7 Aug 2021, 05:44
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Thank you so much, B1Trash! I'll try out your methods as soon as I can. You've ben a big help! I'll keep you posted on the progression of the project.
10 Aug 2021, 22:54
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Thanks for the helpful tips! They really made my model shine. I'll give you a shout-out in my LEGO Ideas project for the help.
18 Aug 2021, 03:02
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