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Thank you dude, ill try those out.
I personally use fire alpaca, but sometimes ibisPaint.x as well. I may try out Paint.Net, is it free?.
I also use uv4 for the hips, but the upside down back part conuses me at times, so i might switch over to uv3.
And that ortho tip was great
22 Sep 2021, 06:07
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So the last person that asked the question was using Paint.net. That's why I referenced it in my answer... it was literally a copy-paste with some cleanup. If you're comfortable with the apps you use, i'd stick with those. It's more the capability of the apps that I'm interested in. If I was going to push you toward any program, I'd be pushing you toward a vector based editor like Inkscape (Free), Affinity Designer (Paid) or Adobe Illustrator (Subscription). It's a completely different style of drawing, because you're working with shapes and nodes, but they offer some extremely cool capabilities. And since SVG files are based on nodes, they are infinitely (more or less) scalable. So if Scrubs ever goes to 4k textures, you literally open the file and change the PNG export settings and BAM! You have a 4k texture. Or if you want higher quality customs for offline renders so you don't see the pixels, you can have them there while the 1k textures live on Mecabricks.

As far as the upside-down thing goes, can you rotate the canvas on fire alpaca? That may help. For me, the orientation of the UV map does not matter, because with Inkscape I actually draw my parts on a different part of the canvas than the part I export from. I have a canvas that has the UV map grid as an overlay and then a live clone of my art to a clean area that I export to the PNG. I got tired of forgetting to turn off the UV map layer when I exported parts, so now I don't have to. For parts like the hips, I draw on a full minifig template and then clone the parts to the different export images. So for the back hips, I draw right side up and the clone is rotated and scaled properly into the export group. If you're interested in any of this, let me know.
22 Sep 2021, 12:58
Edited 22 Sep 2021, 13:00
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I am trying to make a custom legs piece (73200) but it won't let me add a texture
24 Sep 2021, 11:14
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Hey Yoooo-

73200 is the assembly of legs and hips. You need to decorate the individual leg and hip pieces first. Here's a link to a walk-thru:
Let's Build a Minifigure!
24 Sep 2021, 12:25
Edited 24 Sep 2021, 12:25
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Hey man, if you don't mind can you send me the template you use to make cohesive prints (its alright if you don't have one or if you don't want to) : )
25 Sep 2021, 16:02
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Do you use Inkscape?
25 Sep 2021, 16:16
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No, I haven't tried it yet
25 Sep 2021, 16:28
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My template is in Inscape... not sure how useful it would be for you.
25 Sep 2021, 16:46
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oh ok, so its not a png image like the templates in the parts library?
25 Sep 2021, 16:49
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Nope... It's an Inscape SVG file that I use to draw all my minifigures. It has a canvas for both front and back and export areas for head, torso, legs and hips. I also use it to automatically create data maps for the metallic bits. If you want a PNG image, then just take a screenshot of a built minifig in Orthographic view.

You should have the customized first part (part A) in the build and a blank second part (part B). Take your screenshot and scale it in your drawing software until the blank part B matches up with your UV template. Now you should be able to use your screenshot as a guide to continue your decoration from part A to part B.

Note that a minifig torso has rounded corners, so the UV template will not actually extend to the edges of the part. I'd recommend starting your decoration here first and then flow down to the hips and legs if you're doing a MF.

Hope this helps.
25 Sep 2021, 17:04
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omg I'm so sorry, this whole time I didn't realise that I do have Inkscape downloaded, so sorry. can you still send me the file tho?
25 Sep 2021, 17:22
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