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okay I'll try
17 Jan 2021, 04:56
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I did that but no 3d thing showed up
17 Jan 2021, 04:57
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Can you make your screen look like this? You may need to click the search button more than once.

17 Jan 2021, 05:04
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17 Jan 2021, 05:06
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I spammed it but it wouldnt work :'(
17 Jan 2021, 05:09
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What browser are you using? Can you share a screenshot?
17 Jan 2021, 05:23
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I am using Google Chrome (and It is Up to date) But I dont know how to share the screenshot i dont know how to
17 Jan 2021, 05:25
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It's a bit convoluted, but you would need to upload to flickr or imgur then share it. I use flickr, and in the sharing options there is a BB tab that has the code you need.

How far were you able to get?
17 Jan 2021, 05:37
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I cant use imgur or flickr because I am not aloud on mature websites and it is catogorized as mature
17 Jan 2021, 07:25
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Ok, let's try this... what happens when you try a different part number? Let's try typing in 3068 in the Configuration box. Does that pull anything up?
17 Jan 2021, 13:24
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no but you dont need to keep helping me I will just try it when I get my windows
17 Jan 2021, 17:29
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oh I got it i had to zoom in LOL
18 Jan 2021, 02:15
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Wow!! This helped SO much! Thank you!
Only one question: Where can I get the prints? Because I uploaded one and it's REALLY big..
1 Feb 2021, 23:42
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Do either of these sections help?

- Managing your textures
- Deleting parts (and textures)

If you want, you can also upload a smaller file with the same filename. That will overwrite it on the server and reduce the space it's taking up.
1 Feb 2021, 23:46
Edited 1 Feb 2021, 23:47
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How do I update my part?
5 Feb 2021, 17:37
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What do you want to update? If you want to update the texture image, just upload a new one... if you use the same file name from before, it will overwrite the old one. For anything else, just change what you need and make sure to hit the UPDATE button down at the bottom of the form.
5 Feb 2021, 19:50
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6 Feb 2021, 03:12
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Thanks again Lax!
6 Feb 2021, 03:31
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No problem!
6 Feb 2021, 03:32
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@b1Trash How do I get to my part page, like how do I see a part that I made. I cant seem to find it.
6 Feb 2021, 22:10
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