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Is there a way of embedding images or youtube videos to the description of a model?
Or do you need to comment on it to be able to do that?
Have tried with both BBCode and HTML to add image, but it doesnt work.
22 Sep 2020, 09:36
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Yes, I just tried and it doesn't work. I may not have updated the parsing of descriptions with the newer code like for comments. I'll fix it tomorrow.
22 Sep 2020, 10:19
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No rush for my sake. I just post them as comments, but thanks for the quick reply.
22 Sep 2020, 10:29
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@Scrubs Will you post a update here when you have updated the code for the description-section?
28 Sep 2020, 09:41
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7 Oct 2020, 19:37
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@Scrubs Thanks!
10 Oct 2020, 20:26
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