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Hi All, I am completely new to animation nodes. I watched the very helpful series of tutorials from Chris Perringer explaining animation nodes in Blender and this gave me enough information to learn basic movement and rotation in MECABRICKS. I found this rather un-intuitive having never used animation nodes before so I thought it would be useful to create two basic tutorials, one to cover movement and one for rotation. Hopefully, newbies like me will find these useful:

Location/Movement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4aOogiKGiY0
Rotation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwC-R-YgoWA

Thanks. Neil
15 Jun 2020, 09:27
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Thank you very much for that. It was much needed. I will redirect users to these tutorials.
P.S. You can embed your youtube videos right in your post:
15 Jun 2020, 10:28
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Something that may be of interest as well. In the option panel, you can add custom label to each node and hide/show inputs and outputs. Some nodes like Frame and Transforms Input have options hidden by default.
15 Jun 2020, 10:46
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Thanks - and yes that is useful - I didn't realise the settings changed depending upon which node you were on. Are there any plans to be able to save node trees independently of models? Given that the whole point of animation nodes is that you are defining movement with the object as a variable it would be really useful to have a library of node trees so you could import them into your model and then just assign them to your parts or model.

And I just found out you can animate the camera too, which is cool, so you can do pan and scans, etc ....
15 Jun 2020, 19:00
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You cannot import yet but you can copy and paste nodes between models.
15 Jun 2020, 19:47
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Thanks - useful to know.
15 Jun 2020, 20:13
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@scrubs - any chance of a filter within the library search so you can find the models with animation nodes?
16 Jun 2020, 13:18
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Yes, it will come at some stage.
17 Jun 2020, 02:52
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