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Hello !
I am new here, and also new at using Blender.
I just bought your Advanced Plug-ing and I am kinda stuck.
(I'm glad to contribute and use your stuff, less to have to use Blender xD )

First : Fog Shadow
Increasing the sampling Path Tracing amount seems to reduce the Fog on the Shadows.
But it also seems to cost a lot of time render. Is there another way to delete the fog ?
Is it due to some kind of reflexion on the glass on the other side of the room or something ?

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zxAPdEx-zXPvpcBzVxy8_vt7z3RR8smX (my render)

Second : finger print
I don't want the finger print on my render, I don't know how to disable it !
I don't know how to link the things in the graph to have some cool render, and I can't copy the presentation on the shop, it seems outdated.

Third : Time Render.
The Free Template used to test was ""fast"". (about 15 minutes)
The Advance Template takes my GTX 1080 down (about 1h30) for the same render with scratch.

And I don't really see unbelievable improvement with the advanced Plug-in.
What do I have to change, (reduce) to win time on render and have the "same" picture at the end ?

In a Tutorial on Youtube I saw a "run script" button to boost texture quality, I also don't see that on my advanced blender template. Where is it?

I want to thank the whole Mecabricks community, it's really cool to be able to use and modify and learn with all the cool stuff you all create.

15 Feb 2020, 20:09
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The first thing that you shall do is to remove the mb_customization node group from the world environment. I am not sure how you ended up having this one here but it definitely should not be here.

I believe that what you call fog shadow are artifacts from the Cycles denoiser. Increasing the number of samples will help but as you mentioned it also increases the render time in a linear way. Interior scenes are hard to render because it is complicated for the rays to find the light sources. Among other tricks, you could rework the lighting of your scene or use the new AI denoiser that may do a better job than the Cycles denoiser in this case.

For the the fingerprints and other details, the Mecabricks add-on includes a panel to control the strength of these options. See pdf document inside the zip archive. The Advanced add-on doesn't intent to improve render time. If you push all the options at the maximum it will instead take slightly longer. No way around that. There are more details to render! However your numbers don't add up. 15 minutes to 1h30 is not possible. To compare the render time, you shall have all render settings exactly the same including the camera position, etc.

The tutorial you may have watched is a very very very old video when it wasn't an add-on but a script. Every single line of code has changed from that time

I believe that if you are new to Blender and rendering in general, you shall try to watch or read a few tutorials to understand roughly the concept behind. It will bring you up to speed much quicker.
15 Feb 2020, 22:10
Edited 15 Feb 2020, 22:12
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It's exactly the same scene, same interior, same lights. That's why, I am asking xD

Open the Template in the Free zip, add My 3D Model and camera. Render.
Open the Template in the Advance zip, add the same 3D model and copy/past camera and Lights of the other one, and render

Like you also see in the picture, I don't have got the "Mecabricks" panel control in the "tool" "view" section. I don't know how to add it !
No mention of that in the PDF.. I guess, it has to be automatically... but I don't have it.

That's why I had manually the MB_customise to ""try"" to control Scratch and more...
(I remove it, and it seems to render the same thing anyway)

I am a usual user of Unity, sketchup, and more.... I Just don't like the ergonomic way of Blender ^^ But on this case, I had to deal with it so... I will..

edit: I just try a new test, Time render depend of the fact of the add-on Mecabriks, Advance or Lite are Activate.
(I rotate the sun, in the second scenario, but that don't explain to pass of 15 to 55 minutes in this test)


Like I said, I don't have the control panel (I want it) but finger print already are on the render. That thing explode the render time ?
15 Feb 2020, 23:22
Edited 16 Feb 2020, 00:27
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The panel is only available in a "3D viewport" area, not the shader editor like on your screenshot.

The bevel option generates real bevel geometry on the parts. It attempts to make them more realistic but at the cost of a huge increase of the number of vertices and faces. Therefore it is also longer to render.
16 Feb 2020, 00:14
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Thanks for the answers.

I reload the scene (and my computer to be sure) without bevels and I pass all the Mecabriks modifier to 0% (thanks to you again).
With path tracing at 256 in both scenario. Same Lights, cam and model.

The exact same scene still takes 45 minutes to render, when the Add-on "Advanced" is active, versus 15 minutes when the "lite" add-on is active.

So there is somewhere a parameter in the template which drastically change the rules... But I can't find where. xD
16 Feb 2020, 01:03
Edited 16 Feb 2020, 08:33
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The advanced add-on also use other information like mould lines, engraving, etc. All these details increase realism but render time as well. When you do not need any of this, just toggle the add-ons in Blender and import the zmbx file with the version (advanced or Lite) that suits you. There may be more options in the future to toggle on and off the advanced settings but it is not the case yet.
16 Feb 2020, 02:21
Edited 16 Feb 2020, 02:21
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Oki Thanks.
I don't know if it's already possible or not and maybe it will don't be on your hand but, maybe an RTX plug-in on Blender or something can be cool to use.
Use the ""realtime"" Ray-Trace of those GPU on a new render engine or with "Cycle". I hope if this thing happen, you can make all your Add-on works with that.

Finally a good reason to buy an RTX GPU. xD
16 Feb 2020, 09:15
Edited 16 Feb 2020, 09:24
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Optix doesn't support all the features of CUDA and for example it doesn't support the bevel node which is key here. It is up to you to switch to Optix in the Blender preferences if you have a RTX card but it won't look as good and it is not up to me.
16 Feb 2020, 09:23
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Maybe Got a 3080 in some few months...
And I will try this


But they dont say witch CPU are use so XD...
Maybe my new 3900 XT can run that fast for the same parametre.
24 Sep 2020, 23:07
Edited 24 Sep 2020, 23:10
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