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Still figuring out using imgur links for the image one. Does it only work on Flickr?
15 Mar 2019, 22:38
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@RebelliousRobot What is the image you are trying to post?

EDIT: It seems imgur is trying to make it hard. Anyway, try this: right-click your image and choose "Copy Image Location" (or whatever sounds similar) and use that. For example:

16 Mar 2019, 03:10
Edited 16 Mar 2019, 03:32
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17 Mar 2019, 03:24
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Not my image, just an example. Thx.
17 Mar 2019, 03:24
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Is it possible to use images in posts that are on your device? Or only images from websites (with an url)
24 Sep 2019, 19:58
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@Fritz13, Only URL. What you can do is create a account on for example Imgur or flickr and upload your images from your device to the site and use the links provided from there.
24 Sep 2019, 20:26
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Thx for the info

Yes, that’s what I wanted to avoid, that’s why I asked lol
25 Sep 2019, 15:42
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What width and Height should I use for my renders, and is there a way to increase the photo quality of my renders?
21 Feb 2020, 02:36
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I think that you are posting in the wrong thread here...
If you mean for renders generated using the online render mode, you need to buy credits for this.
21 Feb 2020, 02:48
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oh... Okay!
21 Feb 2020, 03:30
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The Flickr url seems to have changed since this was made, and when I use the code shown here it doesn't work.
26 Feb 2020, 11:43
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27 Mar 2020, 17:39
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